April 25 - 28, 2024

Spring Awakening Weekend

Spend three days learning new skills to help transform your life! Three intuitive healers will hold space for you to learn how to:

  • Easily navigate life choices
  • Communicate with family and friends to help build or heal relationships!
  • Heal and break repeated life cycles
  • Face career growth or changes
  • Become an empowered empath!

Your package includes:

  • Thursday, April 25: Celebrate a Night with Spirit. Spend two hours in Americas oldest theater and hear messages of healing, hope and love. 
  • Friday & Saturday, April 26 – 27: Intuition, Healing and Soul Workshops + Private Jail Tour
  • Sunday, April 28: Energy Immersion Experience: Come relax and leave energized!
Spring Awakening Workshop

April 25, 7 - 9PM


Three international mediums come to Charleston: Abby Lynn, Brandy Miller, and Noel Manikham

Spend an evening connecting with past loved ones, bringing messages of love and hope.

Join us at Queen Street Playhouse for:

Platform Readings

Channeled Messages

Sound Activation

April 25 - 28


Dive into Healing, Intuition and Soul Mediumship as Charleston offers a historical backdrop to aide in exploring and opening your intuitive abilities! Abby, Noel and Brandy are Certified International Mediums and excellent guides to help you along your “Awakening” journey!!!

Saturday (11p): Private Tour of Charleston’s Jail, Mediumship Immersion

Tickets include the Souls in Full Bloom event, as well as a workshop kit.

Join us in Charleston for an unforgettable experience

Guided by Abby, Noel, and Brandy—Certified International Intuitive Mediums, you’ll navigate the path of your spiritual “Awakening” with expert mentors at your side.

Embrace this unique opportunity to unlock your potential and connect with your inner self like never before.

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Energy Healing + Intuition Level One

June 4, 11, 18th 2024 

Charleston, SC

Learn How To:

-Send and Receive Energy

-What the “Energy Body” is

-Lower your stress and those around you, naturally

-Discover how intuition and Energy Healing work together 

-Leave with a Level One Certification