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Energy Session

Duration: 45 Minutes

In-person or virtual

This is the most in-depth session offered. The Energy Session is a combination of an intuitive soul reading, energy healing, energy alignment of the chakras, Akashic record reading, and DNA activation. We first sit with spirit and then go into a full reiki energy session.

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soul session

Duration: 45 Minutes

In-person or virtual

When we choose to sit with spirit, we are inviting our guidance team, higher self, past loved ones, and soul family to have a seat at our table. In these 45 minutes, we open a door for questions to be asked and answered. Together we go over your soul path, as a team.

Are there any underlying issues you are dealing with? Stress at work or career changes? Physical pain in your body that you want to address? These are all  “intentions” we will uncover and discuss during our time together.

Follow-up session available at booking.

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Duration: 25 Minutes

In-person or virtual

Our very first form of communication is sound, it’s how we communicate and self-soothe. At the core of sound is frequency and vibration; by using vocal cords we create vibrations that can be felt on the cellular level. In this 25-minute Sound Session, ancient toning frequencies will be channeled to activate your DNA to promote healing and emotional release.

To book for a group, please contact Abby Lynn.  

Energy + Soul Session

Duration: 90 Minutes

In-person only

This is the most in-depth session offered, a combination of both a Soul Reading and Energy Session. During these 45 minutes we will work with your guides, soul family, higher self for answers to your questions, then we will move to  a 45 minute energy healing where we will work with your auric field and physical body for further answers. We will also work on releasing any stored trauma, tension or stress. This session is also a full DNA activation.

Intuitive Business Consultant

Duration: 60 Minutes

in-person or virtual

Gain insights for your business, career or forensics, utilizing psychic intuition or remote viewing. Intuitive consultations provide guidance and advice for business growth, hiring, communication and marketing, forensic investigations and more. Abby has worked with fortune 500 companies for the last 10+ years, aiding them in technology advancements, communication integration, hiring practices and growth markets.

The first appointment will be a 15-minute Zoom meeting to discuss the project.

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Duration: 60 Minutes

In-person or virtual

Together we take an intuitive look at your current life path, energy levels, and soul health. We take each session as a window into your life path and ask for guidance from your higher self and spiritual team. Accessing all of the tools available; meditation, psychic, mediumship, energy, sound and quantum healing, we walk this path together for your highest good and timeline.

Packages available for 4, 8 or 12 sessions.

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Duration: 60 Minutes

In-person or virtual

Do you feel you have natural abilities in intuition, psychic, mediumship or energy healing? Are you looking to expand or explore in one or all of these abilities with a trusted mentor and guide? If you said YES to any of these, let’s start your 1-on-1 journey today!

Packages available for 1, 3 or 6 months

Cancellation Policy

All Appointments

All cancellations must be 48 hours prior to appointment, and as a change of date only. No refunds shall be made after the session has been booked. Any and all “no-shows” will lose their payment and are not eligible for a refund.


Energy Healing, Psychic & Mediumship Appointments

All energy, sound and reading sessions provided by Abby Lynn are for educational and spiritual development purposes only. Any information or healing given during the session is for the purpose of guidance. Abby Lynn will not be held legally reliable for any actions taken by the client after the appointment. Content covered during your appointment shall not be considered a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment, legal, financial, psychological or business advice. Abby Lynn is not a licensed medical provider or Licensed therapist. Clients with serious medical or psychological conditions should consult with an appropriate health care practitioner. By choosing to book an appointment, I understand various healing practices will be utilized during my session, knowing the results will differ from individual to individual. There is no guarantee of change or improvement due to factors beyond my control or the control of Abby Lynn.

Book Abby for public speaking or a private event

Energy Healing + Intuition Level One

June 4, 11, 18th 2024 

Charleston, SC

Learn How To:

-Send and Receive Energy

-What the “Energy Body” is

-Lower your stress and those around you, naturally

-Discover how intuition and Energy Healing work together 

-Leave with a Level One Certification