Meet Abby Lynn

My story, your healing

After pursuing a career in television production, writing and broadcast journalism, Abby finally decided to embrace her lifelong gifts of spiritual communication and connection in order to help others by opening and sharing the world beyond the veil.

As an experiencer, Abby has always had a seat at the galactic table. The knowledge of higher self consciousness strengthens her connection to multidimensional beings and guides. Having experienced galactic healing centers, Abby has access to an array of healing modalities. Through her Arcturian, Lyran, and Elvish connections, she channels blue light, golden light, DNA activation and voice frequency healing. Working with Dragons, Abby is aided in elemental healing and clearing work. Her mission is to be a bridge between dimensional beings and source code.

As a Reiki Master, TV Producer and journalist, Abby utilizes multiple mediums to reach people, as both a story teller and teacher. Her soul spark is spending time with her three children, reading, gardening, continuous laughter and doing skywatches by the water.

Abby's Certifications

  • Certified Spiritual Advisor: Psychic Medium
  • Beyond Quantum Healer Certified
  • Meditation Teacher Certified
  • Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Energy Healing + Intuition Level One

June 4, 11, 18th 2024 

Charleston, SC

Learn How To:

-Send and Receive Energy

-What the “Energy Body” is

-Lower your stress and those around you, naturally

-Discover how intuition and Energy Healing work together 

-Leave with a Level One Certification