You don’t have to walk this journey alone…

Achieve Balance + Soul Growth

Someone once asked, “what exactly do you do?” The simplest answer, I will help you remember. Remember who you are, remember how much you are loved and supported by spirit, remember your soul path and mission, remember you are energy and light, remember you have lived and experienced many lives before. 

My mission is to simply walk along that path with you, as a guide here on Gaia. As a medium and channeler, I walk the line between this reality and beyond the veil, bringing messages of love, support and encouragement. 

We were never meant to walk this journey alone.

My story, your healing

Energy Healer ~ Psychic Medium ~ Soul Toning ~ Spiritual Advisor

Every living being is surrounded by an energetic field. When we tap into that, we can begin to release stress, address stored emotional trauma, reduce pain and restore flow to blocked energy centers. The main goal of our time together is to bring your body, mind and spirit to a state of balance.

Abby Lynn

The Most In Depth Session Offered

Energy + Soul Session

During our time together we will work with your guides, soul family, higher self for answers to your questions, then we will move to energy healing where we will work with your auric field and physical body for further answers. We will also work on releasing any stored trauma, tension or stress. This session is also a full DNA activation.

Energy Healing + Intuition Level One

June 4, 11, 18th 2024 

Charleston, SC

Learn How To:

-Send and Receive Energy

-What the “Energy Body” is

-Lower your stress and those around you, naturally

-Discover how intuition and Energy Healing work together 

-Leave with a Level One Certification